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Ever After Events, LLC.

Party Planning & Character Entertainment Services
Pittsburgh, PA                            
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Make an ordinary day magical!
​We are a professional party planning and character entertainment company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania offering high-end princess and superhero characters for children’s parties, charity events, holiday parties, princess balls, corporate events, and more! We also specialize in event planning for bridal showers, baby showers, and more!

We are devoted to creating the most authentic experience possible and strive to live up to  imaginations! We are completely committed to living up to and exceeding everyone's expectations and dreams.

 We believe that princesses and superheroes can be extremely powerful and positive role models to children. This is why we emphasize qualities like kindness, courage, bravery, persistance, loyalty, and honesty when performing at events and parties. 

​Our mission is to make every child and adult's dreams come true by bringing a truly magical experience into their lives. A dream come true is absolutely priceless and we strive to give each and every individual the most undivided attention.